Job Market Workshop and Annual Meeting

Date and Time:2nd of December 2015, 13:30pm-16:40pm
Place:Stockholm School of Economics (Ragnar Room)
13:30-14:10``Electoral rules and leader selection: experimental evidence from Ugandan community groups'' Miri Stryjan (IIES, Stockholm University)
14:10-14:50"Exit, Voice and Political Change: Evidence from Swedish Mass Migration to the United States" Mounir Karadja (IIES, Stockholm University)
14:50-15:05Coffee Break
15:05-15:45"Income Opportunities and Sea Piracy in Indonesia: Evidence from Satellite Data" Sebastian Axbard (Uppsala University)
15:45-16:25"Tillers of Prosperity: Land Ownership, Mechanization, and Structural Transformation in Postwar Japan" Shuhei Kitamura (IIES, Stockholm University)
16:25-16:40ASWEDE annual meeting
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